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Active-Liposomal Creatine plus GAA & R-ALA

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Micro-Liposomal Vitamin C Take-n-Go Packets

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The Aurora Difference

Aurora Nutrascience is a leading manufacturer of non-GMO all-natural phosphatidylcholine-based liposomes in Ontario, Canada. Committed to excellence and innovation, they offer effective, convenient, and enjoyable products. All products are Health Canada NPN Certified and FDA Registered.

Mega-Liposomal NAD+/Resveratrol

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Mega-Liposomal Glutathione

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to take your liposomal supplements is on an empty stomach 20-30 minutes before a meal or before bedtime.

For best results, keep Aurora supplements in a cool, dark place. Remember to refrigerate bottles once opened.

Liposomal supplements offer optimal absorption rates without causing gastric discomfort. Higher doses result in enhanced health benefits. Extensive research supports the effectiveness of this proven technology.

Liposomes are tiny spheres composed of phospholipid molecules enveloping a nutrient, as seen with our Vitamin C. By encapsulating the nutrient in a liposome, it can smoothly travel through the digestive tract without any stomach disturbances. This scientifically proven method effectively delivers the nutrients to the bloodstream.

Despite appearing as juice, these products are supplements. Aurora incorporates organic natural flavors and organic stevia sweetener for optimal taste. Vitamin C has a tart flavor, while glutathione offers a sulfuric taste. Some of our other products have an herbal flavor.

Introducing New Liposomal Drink Mixes

Aurora Nutrascience is thrilled to introduce its latest health supplementation innovations: Nano-Liposomal® Vitamin C (3000mg) Drink Mix and Nano-Liposomal® Glutathione (750mg) Drink Mix. These cutting-edge formulations are set to revolutionize the world of dietary supplementation by significantly enhancing nutrient absorption and efficacy.

Ultra-Liposomal Sleep Support

Achieve the rest you need while traveling with our handy single-serving packets.
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Ultra-Liposomal Cognitive Support

Designed to promote optimal brain health and cognitive function without the use of stimulants. Stay sharp and focused throughout the day while also supporting long-term brain health.
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NAD+ "The Fountain of Youth"

NAD+ is a vital coenzyme found in all living cells, crucial for energy production, DNA repair, & cellular signaling. Aging is connected to NAD levels, leading to interest in its benefits. NAD & Resveratrol synergistically promote cellular health & longevity.


Mega-Liposomal Vitamin D3/K2+ Cellular Support Complex

Supports blood calcium levels, strong bones & teeth, healthy immune system, cardiovascular health. May aid weight loss, lower soft tissue calcium levels. Vital for heart health, blood clotting process. K2 ensures proper calcium utilization.

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Mega-Liposomal R-ALA Cellular Support Complex

R-ALA, CoQ10, and L-Carnitine synergistically support heart function, cognitive health, and energy metabolism. R-ALA aids in managing oxidative stress and maintaining cellular health.

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Ultra-Liposomal Menopause Support with Clinically Tested with EstroG-100 ®

EstroG-100 ® in our Menopause Support formula is safe and effective, providing relief from hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, and irritability without affecting estrogen receptors.

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Ultra-Liposomal Biotin+

Nutrient-packed blend supports hair, skin, nails. Biotin (vitamin B7) crucial for health. MSM aids skin and hair health. Silicon for strength. Vitamin A for sebum production. Vitamin D3 & B Vitamins support wellness. Fo Ti Root for healthy hair growth.

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Mega-Lipsomal B-Complex

Enhanced bioavailability with our Liposomal B-Complex+ without gastric distress. B vitamins support overall health, energy, brain function, and cell metabolism.

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Customer Testimonials


I am 70 years old. I took a very bad fall last November. I missed a step in the dark and landed on a flagstone patio. I landed on my left knee and right foot. Thankfully, my sense of humor kicked in immediately as I hobbled to my car which when started made a scary noise as soon as I turned the key. This happened on a Monday night and my daughter was scheduled for a serious surgery that Wednesday. Hilarious! I was her transportation. Thank God for humor!
I had been taking about 3 grams daily and noticing a difference in some small things like cuts healing much faster. Because I visit doctors infrequently, there are some supplements I have taken on a regular basis for years. That being said, I intuited that the fall I had taken was reasonably serious and therefore I needed to give serious consideration as to how I dealt with it over the next 48 hours. I decided not to go to a doctor because I was clear about the standard procedure in a case like mine. Ice, elevation etc. I examined the areas of impact and was certain nothing was broken, except maybe some small bones on the top of my right foot. I decided that could wait. I also decided to double my intake of this product immediately. I also increased methylated B complex, virgin cod liver oil, zinc, and a few others. LOTS of pain in my right foot for the next 72 hours. Difficult when driving to visit my daughter in the hospital, and I needed a wheelchair when I got there. A friend loaned me one of their cars. Increasing ibuprofen helped a lot. Within TWO WEEKS, my right foot was amazingly, almost back to normal. I was astonished. [I forgot to mention that my friends were extremely upset that I did not see a doctor]. I poked and prodded my right foot to no avail. It seemed fine. My left knee however, took six weeks to heal. I am still a bit astonished when I remember this ordeal. I am also personally convinced that this vitamin C product made the difference.

Patricia L.

Glutathione has a natural “rotten egg” smell because it is a type of sulfur. Alone, Glutathione is almost unbearable to take because of the strong scent and flavor. You can smell it a little when you open the packet (so just don’t smell it), but they have covered up the terrible taste and it actually tastes quite pleasant. You might get a little bit of that “rotten egg” flavor undertones >>>> so don’t be alarmed.

I take their Vitamin C pack after taking this Glutathione and that helps a lot with the stinky flavor. Also, the combination of their Vitamin C with this Glutathione is amazing. I have only been taking both for a short time, but I feel so much better. I have more energy, clearer thinking, and less stomach bloating.

The little packets are so convenient. You might have to pull both ends of the notched top, but you will get the hang of it quickly.

Yaga Kat

The company Aurora Nutriscience is one of the great companies in the USA. I run a charity football camp that gets 93% of the participants college scholarships and I scrimmage all summer with the campers in sometimes 100 degree heat and 80% humidity. It is too dangerous for our high school players to block our 300 lb. junior college nose tackles so I do it. At age 79 I got tremendous bruising on my forearms that have stayed with me since our last officiated scrimmage on August 1st. The liposomal vitamin C from Aurora has almost erased the extreme bruising. Their products all have one thing in common. They are excellent. The company has something that I demand in our camp participants, competence.

William L.

I like this liquid Vitamin C. It’s easy to take every morning and I prefer it to pills.


I recently tried Aurora Nutrascience's Active-Liposomal Creatine + GAA & R-ALA during my tennis practice, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Not only does this supplement taste great, but it also provided me with the energy and stamina I needed to keep running and playing at my best.

The combination of creatine, GAA, and R-ALA is designed to support exercise performance, and I could feel the difference during my practice session. I felt more energized and focused, allowing me to push myself harder and improve my game.

One of the things I appreciate most about this supplement is its taste. Unlike other creatine supplements I've tried, this one has a pleasant flavor that makes it easy to drink, even during intense workouts.

Overall, I highly recommend Aurora Nutrascience's Active-Liposomal Creatine + GAA & R-ALA to anyone looking for a high-quality supplement to support their exercise routine. It's effective, great-tasting, and has become a staple in my workout regimen.

Luci D.
Los Angeles, CA

I was taking a daily vitamin D in a tablet form for over 1 year. My vitamin D level was low when checked by my MD. I started taking this Vitamin D and within 4 months my Vitamin D level was in normal range. Great product! Tastes great too!


As someone who has recently gotten back into golf, I've started experiencing some tennis elbow. After a ton of research, I learned strengthening my forearms was the best permanent solution. To enhance my forearm buildup, I decided to try a supplement to speed things up. I have taken creatine in the past as a dietary supplement post-work outs and it has helped me build mass quicker. At this point in my life, I'm not trying to build up super strength, so I am only taking this 1x per day after I workout my forearms. So far so good.

Taste is really good. Reminds me a lot of Tang. If you don't mind a citrus flavor with some tart, this will be fine. I actually enjoy the taste. Mix it up well in water and take it towards the end of your workout and you should see results.

Tech Lover

I don’t know what I’m this or why it works but it absolutely does. I get Distracted and hop on my phone every chance I get. I do it even in the middle of something I want to be doing.

The other day I was doing something not so fun, I had to condense 3 pages worth of writing down to short enough key words and phrases so that it could all fit on the front and back of a standard playing card (for my board game review hobby). I was able to sit there for 4 hours and completely forget about my phone. I got the card done in one shot/ one sitting and was very proud of the work I accomplished after.

Thinking this was a fluke, the next day I tried it again and was able to focus on writing and developing 4 board game review videos in one day. I had lots of focus. I recommend this highly.

And it tastes good, like a grape juice.
Oh I also like the design of the bottle and cup. The cup you drink it with fits onto the bottle like an extra cap so you don’t have to store it anywhere.


I wanted to find a high quality Liquid D3/K2 supplement for my Mom. I wanted to try it out for myself first… All I can say is WOW. After approximately 3 weeks My appetite wasn’t out of the roof any more. My fatigue was greatly reduced. At the time I originally tried this I had increased my dosage. So I thought a higher dose was responsible for these improvements… I have in the last 3 months changed to a higher dose gel pill, then to a different liquid D3/K2, and last I tried Liposomal D3 capsules with my own added K2… None are as good as the Aurora Mega Liposomal…I have ordered 3 more bottles this time!!! Taste is fine to me. Wonderful product!!!! For me this formula must have excellent absorbency… No other I have taken gave me such results. I have always been vitamin D3 deficient.