Why Liposomal Nutrients?

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Why Liposomal?


Aurora Nutrascience’s Mega-Liposomal products offer Greater Bioavailability.

Through our proprietary process Vitamin C or Glutathione molecule are encapsulated in liposomes that ensure much greater absorption into your body’s bloodstream through the GI tract. This allows for greater efficacy of these nutrients into your body’s bloodstream.

Having used and liked Aurora Vitamin C I was looking forward to trying Aurora exoFlex. I am 70 years old and have worked on a hard floor over the past nine years. Over time I was experiencing leg pain in my hips and also had more and more difficulty bending over to tie my shoes or even get into the car in one motion...

Colin H., Beaumont Texas

"Taking exoFlex daily has provided pain relief in my joints and muscles allowing me to do more throughout the day."

Juaquin "Hawk" Hawkins, Founder/President of Hawk Hoops

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